The Rich Promise

We will treat our customers, our associates and our communities the same way. Like Family.

The Rich Promise is more than just a unique aspect of our culture at Rich’s; it is a sincere pledge to our customers, our associates and our communities that we will hold ourselves to the highest family values in everything we do. The result? A powerful global business partner in scope and a passionate family member in spirit.


Cherish our Culture

Work, learn and celebrate together... Family is our stake in the ground. It defines us as a company. It guides our actions and drives us to enrich the lives of our customers, our associates and the people in communities where we live and work. It touches everything we do and everything we make. At Rich’s, being a part of our “associate family” gives meaning to our work and to our lives; it offers opportunities for growth and a satisfying career. It also sets the tone for every interaction we have with our customer, our communities, and our colleagues around the world. We set higher standards for our company and our associates, which keeps us strong and always striving to do better.


Imagine what’s possible and create what’s valued… Families constantly learn and grow, and we are no different. We are the kind of organization whose members are driven to push each other for better solutions, more efficient paths, more powerful ideas and more inspired products. Innovation is the focus of everyone who works at Rich’s. When we work together, we realize there is nothing we can’t do. We have an obsession for mastering the product. Over the years, that passion has helped us build a broad, innovative product array. Our family ownership allows us to consistently invest in innovation that yields exciting new products. We also have devised solutions that in themselves became innovations. Our customised products give customers a selling edge.

Be the Trusted First Choice

Listen, understand and deliver for customers like no other company… Families support each other. When someone in the family has a need, everyone bands together to help. This is how we work with our customers; we help them overcome obstacles and support their growth. We aim to listen and understand, stay flexible and open minded, and work together to discover solutions that have real impact. We’re an industry-leading solutions provider – not just product solutions, but superior, customized business solutions for our customers. In other words, when you work with Rich’s, you become a member of our family, and we do everything possible to nurture our family.

Better our Communities

Devote time and talent where we live and work… As a family-owned company with 8,000 associates across the globe, we reach beyond our own homes and offices and better the communities in which we live and work. Bettering Our Communities is fundamentally about doing the right things the right way – from setting high ethical expectations for our employees and suppliers, to providing a progressive and inclusive workplace, encouraging our associates to contribute and help their local communities. Our associates actively provide valuable support for local organizations and causes for which they have a passion, devoting their time and talents to enrich lives every day across their local communities.

Do what's right

No matter what… We’re committed to an irrevocable obligation to act responsibly in every decision we make and with every person we encounter. We understand we are trusted stewards of our business relationships, our environment and the communities in which we serve. We hold ourselves to the highest set of standards and we’re passionate about doing what’s right…no matter what.

Over 70 years of excellence..


Over 70 years of excellence..

Rich Products Corporation was born from an innovation - the world's first non-dairy whipped topping.

Superior Products & Performance...


Superior Products & Performance...

At Rich's we supply a diverse range of customers, from nationwide retailers and foodservice operators to industrial manufacturers and hobbyists.

Here to help...


Here to help...

If you would like to learn more about any of Rich’s products or services then please contact our Sydney office.