Whipping Base™ (Concentrate)

Rich’s® Whipping Base™ offers superior yield and overrun. 

Whip Topping™ Base offers more than triple the yield of dairy cream, which makes Whipping Base™ a more economical option. The Superior yield of Whipping Base™ means that you can ice more than three times as many cakes using the same amount of Whipping Base™ liquid as compared to dairy cream.    

Product Features & Benefits

  • To make the most economical topping mix two parts Whipping Base™ with one part water.
  • Use as a dairy extender and stabilizer with two parts Whipping Base™ and one part dairy cream.
  • Can be whipped with acidic fruits and ingredients without curdling. 
  • Use to make fillings for pies, tarts, donuts and tortes; use to make decadent mousses or as a cake topping.
  • Whipping Base™ is so versatile that you can expand your dessert offering without expanding your ingredients inventory.
  • Gluten Free , Lactose Free. Suitable for Vegan 

Available Pack Sizes

[CODE  02903]   12 x 907g   Purepack Carton
[CODE  09748]   1 x 10.8kg   Bag-in-Box



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