Uniced White/ Choc Cupcake

The perfect pairing for you looking to offer a clean, simple, premium cupcake program.
Create your own style.

Product Features & Benefits

  • POPULARITY: Cupcakes continue to gain more popularity nationally in recent year. White and chocolate have been the hot flavor trend.
  • FOOD SAFETY:  Uniced Cupcake is all about taste, trust and back-to-basics ingredients that deliver deliciously indulgent taste and quality using only the ingredients necessary to bring the essence of indulgence to life.
  • EASY-TO-USE:  Uniced Cupcake decorates easily, split cleanly and melt in the mouths of all who enjoy
    their moist deliciousness.
  • Available Pack Sizes

    [CODE  White:05371/ Choc:03499]   24 units/tray, 6 trays/case

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    Uniced White/Choc Cupcake Flyer

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