Rich’n Smooth™ Chocolate

The more you make, the more it makes sense.

Rich’n Smooth™ Chocolate is much more than just an ideal icing to use in place of scratch buttercream for decorating cakes and tortes. It is also a remarkably versatile ingredient. Use Rich’n Smooth™ Chocolate as a filling for pies, donuts, cream puffs, éclairs or in other endless applications like mousse.   In addition to being more flexible and versatile than cream, our liquid icings offer more consistent quality and robust performance for signature creations.

Product Features & Benefits

  • Delicate, smooth chocolate creamy taste, it spreads easily without tearing cakes. Will not break down with the addition of colours, flavours.
  • STABILITY: Can be stored chilled, frozen for future sale or displayed at ambient room temperature up to 5 days.
  • COST SAVINGS: Provides greater yield than buttercream and has a long shelf life to help you reduce waste.
  • Decorator preferred in its ease of use, and robust performance over time as it does not weep, bleed or crack.
  • Yield 250% when whipped.
  • Not a source of lactose.

Available Pack Sizes

[CODE  15490]   12 x 1kg   Purepack Carton
[CODE  30483]   2 x 5.4kg   Bag-in-Box Carton

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Rich’n Smooth™ Chocolate Flyer

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