Dessert Garnish

An elegant finish.

Dessert Garnish is popular to decorate cakes, even including ice cream cakes!   Whether it be as base icing, or to garnish the plate or on top of the cake, it will offer a smooth, stable and lovely feature to your dessert.      This ready to whip topping also goes well with fresh fruit and Asian style decorations.   But it doesn’t end there; if you’re also making cheesecakes, moussecakes, tortes, profiteroles, eclairs, this product will have you sorted for all your creations.

Product Features & Benefits

  • Dairy like, with off white colour and flavour.
  • Versatility: it can be used as an ingredient, topping, garnish or filling with virtually any dessert.
  • STABILITY: Holds in display under refrigeration up to 5 days so desserts can be prepared in advance without compromise.
  • Creativity. It’s easy to add colour or flavour without weeping or breaking down. Festive creations galore!
  • Very high yield, with 350-400% overrun when whipped.
  • Not a source of lactose.

Available Pack Sizes

[CODE  01729]   12 x 848 mls   Purepack Carton

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Whipping & Handling Guide

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