AVOSET® All-Purpose Creamer Concentrate

High concentrate creamer, smooth mouth feel.
Came in screw cap, more convenient and less wastage for you to use.

Product Features & Benefits

  • With neutral taste profile, operator can derive into more versatile application flavored drinks,coffee, milk tea, smoothie, ice blended, liquid dessert, beverage foam and topping sauce, whereas milk has stronger milk fat taste which is difficult to overwrite sometimes.
  • High concentrate creamer.
  • Smooth mouth feel.
  • Can be used directly or after dilution.
  • Screw Cap tetra pack is very convenient to use.
  • Enhance the aroma of coffee/tea without overriding coffee/tea original aroma.
  • Enhance the body of liquid to a smooth mouth feel.
  • Enhance the vibrant and rich color when added into soups and sauces.

    Available Pack Sizes

    [CODE  09206]   12 x 1L, Packs in Box

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